Fuel Line Parts
Carburator / Power Steering / Fuel Pump / Fuel Injection Adapters
Single Inlet Feed Holley/ Demon/Carter/Edelbrock
Dual Feed Holley/Reman Extended
Dual Feed Holley/Reman/Rochester
Single Inlet FeedHolley/ Reman/Demon/Carter/ Edelbrock Weber/Dellorto/Solex/ Mikuni Dellorto-- Cupped Banjo
Holley/Reman Extensions Power Steering-- Inverted Flare Power Steering-- Inverted Flare-- Steel
Power Steering/Fuel Injetion -- O-Ring Seal Fuel Injection-- Female-- O-Ring Seal  
Fuel Pressure Gauges - Available in 0-15, 0-30, 0-60, 0-100 psi
Marshall Fuel Pressure Gauge Model M Marshall Fuel Pressure Gauge Model M - ET Marshall Fuel Pressure Gauge Midnight Series Black
Marshall Fuel Pressure Gauge Midnight Series Silver    
Pressure Gauge & Gauge Head Adapters
Union - Male Union - Reducer 90° Elbow
Tee Bulkhead Nut  
Filters & Valves
For the most demanding applications that require precision filtration, be sure to use one of Aeromotive's Billet Fuel Filter assemblies. Features include clean sheet designs that deliver industry leading flow, easily replacable and/or cleanable elements, and high quality anodizing or electroless nickel-plated finishes. Aeromotive's advanced flow-through designs feature high quality components and unequalled performance.

Carbureted and EFI Fuel Filter Fuel Filter Elements   Billet Filter Mounting Bracket, P/N 12305